Apollo Information Technology Systems
Compliance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Continuity

Converting Hard-Copy Information into Digital Assets

Apollo is a Northern California based company providing document scanning, document conversion and document
management services. Reduce paper storage, minimize document access costs and improve productivity. A leader in document
imaging, management and storage, Apollo has solutions for any size company looking for a cost-effective answer to hardcopy
document conversion.  Public and Private organizations in a variety of industries and market verticals, benefit from our document
scanning, storage and management outsourcing services.  

To gain a competitive advantage organizations need efficient document management processes that can capture, archive,
search and retrieve information from a variety of sources. Organizations who have leveraged their digital assets have shown an
increase in productivity, greater margins and higher revenue growth.

Utilizing our services businesses can quickly convert information into digital assets. This allows employees to securely and
quickly access and put information to work which reduces operating costs and provides a Return-On-Investment.

Apollo provides services with the goal of delivering a complete solution. We are committed to the highest level of service through
our well trained and professional staff and guarantee results for our clients.
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